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Nemilov Sergei Vladimirovich
Nemilov Sergei Vladimirovich
  • Phone
    +7 (812) 337-64-93, +7(812)588-15-70
  • Work place
    Russia, 199034, St. Petersburg, Birzhevaya liniya, 4, lit. M, 413
  • Science Social Profilers
    ResearchGate: sergei nemilov


Born on January 3, 1939 in Moscow. Graduated from high school with a gold medal (1956). 1956-1957 - student of the Faculty of Chemistry, Moscow Lomonosov State University. 1957-1961 – student of Leningrad Zhdanov State University, Chemical Faculty. 1961-1964 – post-graduate student of Vavilov State Optical  Institute. From 1964 to 1996 – junior, senior researcher, head of laboratory of Vavilov State Optical  Institute. 1996 -2005 – Senior, then the Chief Researcher of Vavilov  State Optical Institute. From 2005 to 2014 – Professor of ITMO University, from 2014 to the present time – tutor. Doctor of Chemical Sciences, 1972, (specialization “Physical Chemistry”), Professor, 1988, the same speciality. The author of over 230 scientific articles published in Russian and international journals, 1 monograph, published in the United States (1995), the author of three textbooks (manuals). The winner of the I.V. Grebenschikov Prize of Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences  (1997) for the collection of works "Thermodynamics of the vitreous state»; was awarded the medal "In memory of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg" (2004).

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